Squidinki is a unique brand founded by Max Mendez and Kerry Findlay. With degrees in Industrial and Interior design respectively, Max and Kerry have had extensive experience working in design and branding agencies throughout the world, including England, Spain, America, Singapore and Australia, before opening their own Sydney based agency. Now after more than 10 years of designing brands and retail interiors for many prominent Australian and international brands, Max and Kerry decided to follow their passion in illustration and design, and create their own brand, Squidinki.

Max Mendez

Inspired by the humour Max sees in everyday life, and a desire to spend life sketching it, Squidinki was born. Max's witty and humorous hand drawn illustrations are sold both as limited edition artwork and featured on everyday products with the hope of bringing a chuckle to your day.

Special souvenir

Pay attention to this brand if you're looking for special souvenirs to reminisce about your trip to Australia! We have a wide variety of souvenirs including mugs, trays, plates, aprons, pouches, eco-bags, tumblers, puzzles, and postcards!