Gold Bar Challenge

Experience Sydney Duty Free's Gold Bar Challenge
for an opportunity to win $10,000

This is Australia's first and only Gold Bar Challenge held in an underground bank safe in the basement of Sydney Duty Free. Come learn about Australia's Gold Rush, spectate the largest gold nuggets discovered, take memorable photos to last a lifetime.

60second mission!

You will challenge the mission to take out the gold bar using only one hand for 60 seconds. Also, learn about the history of Gold Rush in Australia and make special memories that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

"Gold Rush" in Australia

The Australian Gold Rush is a historic event in which gold was discovered in Australia in the 1850s, leading to a massive golden excavation. Gold was first discovered in 1851 in Valkillier, Victoria, and gold mines were later discovered in various areas, leading to rapid excavations of gold. This Gold Rush phenomenon served as an important turning point for the Australian economy, and internationally, numerous immigrants flocked to Australia to make efforts to find gold. The Gold Rush was recorded as a significant event in the history of the country, having a significant impact on Australia's population growth and economic development.

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