A tax-free retail store offers eligible international tourists the opportunity to shop without paying local taxes.
To qualify for tax-free shopping, tourists need to complete a tax declaration form and prove they are departing Australia in 60 days.
Sydney Duty Free will seal your bag after purchase and provide you two copies of the sales invoice/receipt.
One is for your keeping, the other will be attached to the outside of your package.
Duty Free Security is the operator that collects the invoice/receipt attached to your package at the airport. Detailed instructions on collection options can be found in following link – Duty Free Security

International tourists visiting Australia are generally eligible for tax-free shopping. You will need to present your flight ticket and proof of identity such as a passport, to show you are departing Australia in 60 days.
All travelers must sign a Duty/Good and Services Tax (GST) Free – Sealed Bag Declaration form containing details on purchase, intended journey and agreement to comply with the docket collection system.

No, if you comply accurately with the sealed bad method in line with the Australian regulations you will be able to make the purchase tax free in store, without having to claim at the airport.

We accept various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and other electronic payment options. We also accept Alipay and WeChat pay.

If you decide to cancel your purchase, please inform us as soon as possible. Refunds are generally possible within 7 days of purchase, but change of mind refunds may not be accepted after 7 days. Contact our staff for assistance.

No, tax free packages must remain sealed until you leave the country.

Offline store contact: (02) 9267 3131