Sydney Duty Free

Discover over 200 of Australia's top brands and gifts at Sydney Duty Free across
3 levels of our experiential flagship store located in the heart of Sydney City.

Showcasing Australia's best natural skincare, leading health brands, top fashion brands and premium food and snacks since 1993.

Sydney duty free Australian-Made Products

We Offer Australian-Made Products

Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo is a trusted symbol that guarantees the product is genuinely Australian. It serves as a mark of authenticity and quality.

We prioritize Australian-made products to support our local industries and economy, promoting sustainability and ensuring our customers receive high-quality, authentic goods. By choosing Australian-made, you contribute to ethical production practices and enjoy products that embody the rich heritage and quality standards unique to Australia..

Experiential Flagship Store

Sydney Duty Free is flagship store where you can immerse yourself in various aspects of Australia. We offer a space for experiencing Australia's Gold Rush history and showcase the renowned Hunter Valley wines, providing an opportunity to not only shop but also engage with the rich heritage and flavors that define Australia.

Experiential Flagship Store
Comprehensive Travel Assistance Hub

Comprehensive Travel Assistance Hub

Visit the Sydney Duty-Free Tour Desk for a range of essential travel perks. Enjoy prominent services such as complimentary baggage storage, airport pickup, SIM card activation, and ticket sales for day tours, making your travel experience seamless and convenient.

Sydney duty free


Located in Sydney’s City Circle, across from Museum Station. Come in and See, Discover, Feel Australia at Sydney Duty Free.

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