D'ena Placenta skincareD'ena Placenta Serum


Australia, one of the world's most pristine countries, is filled with boundless natural vitality. The energy of youth is awakened from the depths of the skin through D'ena skincare, a combination of Australian natural ingredients and advanced beauty technologies by clinical researchers.

Placenta Platinum Enriched Serum

Contains Australian placenta, high-purity platinum, peptide, shea butter and Kakadu plum with high Vitamin C.

By increasing vitality in the skin, it improves wrinkles and purifies the skin tone.
It helps to make the skin shiny and healthy.


Placenta Platinum Enriched Serum
Moisturizer Day Cream

2 in 1 Moisturizer Day Cream

Day cream combined use make up base as well contains water evaporation block which protecting dryness and maintain skin moisturizing.

It also has a function to give continuous skin moisturizing by containing skin conditioning effect after use.

Ultraviolet light blocker SPF15.

Night Repair Cream

contains Vitamin A, delivers important nutrients to the skin to restore elasticity during night time.

The contained fragrance can help relax of stress and improves moisture retention, and soften the skin, while helping to speed up the natural renewal.

D'ena Night Repair Cream