Premium Green Lipped Mussel 15000

Green-lipped mussel forms an important component of the the traditional diet of coastal Maori people in New Zealand and contains proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and glycosamino-glycans.

Premium Green Lipped Mussel 15000 has antioxidant activity and supports general health and well-being.

Pure Australia Premium
Green Lipped Mussel

PURE's green mussels are gathered from the pristine waters of New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds.

Vegetable Capsules

Safe ingredients that do not contain any artificial flavors, colouring, sugar, yeast are contained in vegetable capsules that do not contain animal gelatin.

Vitamin D 400IU

Premium Green Lipped Mussel 15000 Plus contains vitamin D 400IU, which can help with the absorption of calcium by filling in the missing nutrients.